Monday, September 13, 2010


two things are spooky right now...
1. the fun cards we just made at stamp club. definitely SPOOKY, and not cute. :)
2. the way all of my photos just disappeared off of my computer... AND my back-up external hard-drive. that is spooky and also deserves a {boo}. If I can't show pictures, i can at least impress you with my ability to use puns... right?

anyway, hopefully more pictures coming soon.

in the meantime, i leave you with this link...
please join me!!

come to my *spooky cards & treats* class at corbin art school- register now to reserve your spot!

classes are taught at the beauuuutiful corbin art center, located conveniently on the south hill very close to downtown.

For over fifty years the Center has been providing affordable, quality fine arts and crafts programs. Classes are smaller so you will receive maximum attention from the instructor. Weekday, evening, and Saturday classes and workshops are available for children and adults.

Corbin Art Center programs are developed to foster personal growth; encourage social interaction and skill development; stimulate the imagination in a nurturing atmosphere; and for children, focus on cognitive development and designed to supplement school curriculum.

i hope to see you there!

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