Saturday, May 1, 2010


The big day for our friends Colling & AnneMarie has arrived! We feel so honored to be included in their celebrations and had a blast last night at the dress rehearsal.

During their speeches near the end of the evening last night both Collin & AnneMarie were talking about how blessed they feel to have such wonderful family & friends celebrating with them and then AnneMarie shared the cutest story. It's hard to replicate, but the gist of is it that a couple of years ago (before her & Collin met) she was having a typical relationship talk with one of her girlfriends. Women out there, you know what I'm talking about. Her friend was talking about how she didn't think "butterflies" were real, that people don't really feel those when they meet THE ONE. Then AnneMarie proceeded to describe how now she knows they were wrong- that butterflies are a real feeling and that she still feels them every time Collin calls, every time they see each other, every time she thinks of him. It was so so so sweet and, I can't lie, brought a tear or two to my eyes.

Hearing her story made me that much more glad that I used their gorgeous invitation to make a special gift as part of their wedding present.

The beautiful & cheery yellow sheet in the middle is their original invitation, and the rest I added to make a fun wall hanging shadow box for them. Their main colors are bright yellow and magenta Melon Mambo-esque pink with accents of bright green, grey/blue, and lots of other happy colors, so it was fun to incorporate those into the design as well.

Here's a closer-up view of the upper-right hand corner with the gorgeous Melon Mambo butterflies from For All You Do:

And here's a closer-up view of the lower-left hand corner with the oh-so-cute & popular Bird Punch.

That's all for now- as you can see from the invitation the wedding is in less than an hour, so I better finishing powdering my nose & head to the church! Congratulations, Collin & AnneMarie.



  1. Anne Marie MullinMay 5, 2010 at 1:41 PM

    AWWW! I feel like a celebrity being included on your blog. This gift blew me away ... you are the sweetest!


  2. Haha, thanks AnneMarie!! You are so sweet. We had SO much fun during all of your wedding weekend festivities. Hope to see you two again soon!


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