Monday, May 24, 2010

the CUTEST non-card creation yet

Remember this fun baby shower?

And the special delivery?

Well tiny baby Brenna is getting older, so she was naturally ready for some more Stampin' Up! inspired room decor this weekend. What could her momma & I do but oblige the little adorable munchkin??

Here are the pieces with what inspired us...

Here's the final product sitting on the couch...

And here it is in action!!

How did we do that, you ask?!? We took a look at Brenna's cute cute current room decor and then looked at our SU! supplies to draw out the designs on larger cardstock. Neither of us are huge drawers (is that a word? draw-ers, not like chest of drawers... you know what I mean, right?), so we were fairly impressed with our ability to create our own images to complement the decor.

What do you think??



  1. Ooo, I love it, KT! It turned out really cute and would be an easy project to personalize. I can see so many possibilities...great job!

  2. Thanks, Megan!! It was so fun, too, and way easier than we thought.

    The trick was to cut out a second sheet of the main image and punch the wholes through that for the yarn to go through, then attach that whole second piece of cardstock to the back of our main images- heaven forbid the circles & yarn showed through the side little Brenna would see! :)

    Love your blogs & all your craftiness, by the way. Anyone who is reading this (hello? HELLO?!?) should click on Megan's blog link above for all sorts of kid & crafty cuteness. :)


  3. I just had to share these sweet sentiments from Facebook so that those of you who might visit here, but not yet be entrenched in the social media world, could still see them :)

    Kirsten: So cute!! Well done ladies :)

    Erin: I am still impressed with how it turned out. I really thought my ambition for this project was beyond my skill level - i should have known that having the Queen of Crafts helping me would lead to awesome results :)

    Check it out, if you'd like... search for "Homemade Smiles" or copy & paste this hideously long url:!/pages/Spokane-WA/Homemade-Smiles/110950685588527?ref=ts&ajaxpipe=1&__a=662


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