Friday, March 12, 2010

The Coolest Kiddo Card EVER

Okay, not to brag, but I just may have come up with the coolest card a person could possibly make for a 5 year old boy.

A trucks that moves (yes, moves), 3D bee, freshly-caught fish and a giant birthday cake hanging out of the truck and his little brother next to him in the front seat. Okay, the little brother part might not always be the favorite thing, but still.

What do you think? Pull the ribbon and the truck moves!

Anyone out there seen the movie Wall-E?

It's the cutest little movie about robots and saving the earth & humans (from what I remember... it's been awhile). The release date being three years or so ago, however, does mean it's not my nephew's character of choice for his bday cake:

I made it with my awesome sister-in-law today before the birthday bash. What do you all think??

Happy 5th Birthday, Ryan!!

Auntie Kristi

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  1. Wow! I am impressed by both the cake and the card! Skyler LOVES Wall-E. He actually usually mispronounces that character's name. Instead of Eva he always says Jeeba :).


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