Monday, April 26, 2010

On the road again...

... and this time not for work!!

In celebration of this rare occasion, I have been avoiding my laptop like the plague. I tend to spend way too much time staring at this tiny screen and giving myself carpal tunnel, so my wrists & neck are thankful for the chance to recuperate so they can be fresh feeling and ready to STAMP when we get back home!!

Rest assured, however, that I have fabulous projects to share with you very soon. I finished them up right before we left town, brought them with me to photograph (no I'm not a complete weirdo, but they are part of a wedding present and the wedding is the main reason we are on vacation)... and now you know my motivation for needing to finish them up late the night before we left on a 6am flight... eeks.....

Anyway, I plan on taking said photos shortly. In the daylight. Though nice, the fairly dimly-lit hotel room would not do justice to these tokens of longtime friendship & messengers of well wishes. I think they're just lovely though, and I do promise to share them soon!

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