Wednesday, February 3, 2010


More Valentine's Day fun coming soon, but first I wanted to share with you these two cards using the "Of the Earth" hostess set.

Both use the same stamps & basically the same layout, but a few simple changes in the colors make it easy to create a gift set (for example) of coordinating, yet different, cards.

My dear sister-in-law (Hi Micaela!) needed a set of cards to use as thank you cards & farewell cards before she quit her job as a nurse to go travel & volunteer in Bolivia for 6 months. She was looking for something appropriate for co-workers/bosses/people who wrote letters of recommendation for her/etc. and I thought a set like this would be just perfect.

CONFESSION. You've read this far (thank you) (if anyone did...), so I have a stamping secret to share with you. I guess it's sort of a secret, sort of a bit of advice.

When you have all of your stampin' stuff out and you're having so much fun stamp stamping away and you come up with a gorgeous card design, make two. Vary it a bit, if you wish, like I did above... but make two. That way when you remember two minutes before heading out the door to go to a birthday party/baby shower/graduation/enter in your special event here you will have a stash of lovely & thoughtful handmade cards to choose to give the lucky recipient.

They can think you planned ahead & made it just for them & they don't even have to know it can from your secret stash. Not that I've ever had to do that...



  1. Hi Kristi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your cards above are gorgeous! Pier 1 is much more affordable than Pottery Barn, if you live near one it may be worth stopping by to see if they have anything usable as a craft desk. (They also have GREAT sales.) Have a great day!


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