Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clear mount is here!

Woohoo! In addition to all of the excitement about the new catalogs & specials, the buzz on the Stampin' Up! street is all about CLEAR MOUNT STAMPS. These are made with the same high-quality rubber images we're used to from Stampin' Up but are sort of like reusable clings. So, instead of having a wood block for each stamp, you just get a couple clear blocks in your favorite sizes and apply the rubber part of your stamps when you're ready to use it. When you're not using them, they can be stored in these nifty DVD like cases that show little thumbnail images of each stamp inside. Does that make sense???

Not sure? Don't worry! I ordered a new set & a couple of clear blocks so we can try them out next month at Stamp Club. Then you can decide for yourself which way to go-- traditional wood mount or the new clear mount.

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